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Finding a good cleanser can be very difficult, especially if your skin type tends to change depending on the season, time of the month etc. On the whole my skin is combination dehydrated, but some days it can be a complete oil slick and other days it can be dry and uncomfortable. It has taken me a long time to find a cleanser that works well no matter what my skin is like, but finally I have found one. It has even been given holy grail status – now that is saying something!

I first discovered Lush Let The Good Times Roll when I was given a sample in store over two years ago. I wasn’t sure if I would like a cleanser that you need to make into a paste prior to applying it to your face but I thought I would give it a go anyway. Well, let me tell you, it was love at first use. This cleanser smells incredible, like a combination of popcorn and corn bread. This is due to inclusion of maize flour, corn oil, polenta and even popcorn in the ingredients.


The only way I can describe the texture is a little bit like gritty play dough. Please do not let that bad description put you of though. Once you add water to the cleanser and rub it between your hands it forms a paste that you can then massage on to your face. The scrubby bits do a great job at removing any dry skin or left over makeup from my first cleanse. Once I wash it off with a warm flannel my skin is left feeling deeply cleanse but not stripped. It almost feels like I have applied a light moisturising serum when I have dried my face – no uncomfortable dry skin here.


I use around a 10 pence size ball to cleanse my whole face and I find that this is just enough to give my skin good scrub. This product is gentle enough to be used everyday either in the morning or at night. It does not break me out and I think it even helps my skin stay clear and glowing. I believe this cleanser would be suitable for any skin type and recommend you picking up a sample next time you are in Lush, I promise you won’t regret it.

Let The Good Times Roll is available from at £6.40 for 100g.

3 thoughts on “Review | Lush Let The Good Times Roll

  1. I’ve just tried this as a sample for the first time and I also fell in love immediately. I have also tried Dark Angels (which I still use once a week for a really deep clean) and also Angels on Bareskin. Let The Good Times Roll is definitely my favourite out of all of them. How do you get your pot to last you as long as it takes to get through it without it expiring? Do you freeze some of it?


    • I have a sample of dark Angels and angels on bare skin too but let the good times roll is by far my favourite. I finished my last pot about a week or so after it had expired and it was still ok. That was the smaller pot though so I will have to see how I get on with this larger pot. I wonder if freezing it would work. I find that most of my lush products are fine after they have expired. If they smelt bad or changed texture I would stop using them though. I know that’s probably not much of a help, sorry 🙂


      • My friend froze her big pot of dark angels and it seemed okay. I’m definitely going to buy a pot of let the good times roll soon! Really excited for the release of the Halloween products next week!


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