Review | Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb

I am going to start off my reviews of the Lush Halloween goodies with Northern Lights Bath Bomb. I am guessing this is probably more Fireworks/Bonfire Night themed but I am going to include it with the Halloween products. Unfortunately the one I purchased arrived broken but Lush are sending me a new one in the post to apologise – great customer service there!

On first impressions, Northern Lights smells like it is going to create a very relaxing bath. This is probably due to the Ylang Ylang Oil and Jasmine Absolute that have been infused into the product.


It is a combination of deep purple and lilac on the outside but once those colours dissolve the inside is blue and neon green, leaving the bath looking like a vibrant night sky.

2014-10-10 19.39.21

The bomb fizzes around the bath for about 10 minutes. I expected it to fix away to nothing quite quickly due to its shape and size, so this was a pleasant surprise. Once the bomb has stopped fizzing and you get in the bath, all of the colours mix together to turn the bath a deep purple blue. The aroma is very relaxing and calming which is great for helping you fall asleep easily.

Overall I am very pleased with this addition to the limited edition products line up, and I will most certainly be purchasing a few more before they are gone from the shops. I hope they bring this product back next year.

Northern Lights is priced at £3.50 as is available here.

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