Review | Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb

Sparkler* is the bath bomb I chose during the Lush Christmas Launch in Portsmouth and is the final Halloween product I will be reviewing. As soon as I saw it in action and smelt it I knew I had to try it out for myself. This bath bomb the same scent as Rose Jam shower gel and Rose Jam bubbleroon, which are two of my favourite products from Lush – I love rose scented products. Again, like Northern Lights, I presume this bath bomb is more themed towards Fireworks/Bonfire Night but I am including it with the Halloween products.


Sparkler includes a blend of Rose Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Egyptian Geranium Oil. This bath bomb looks quite plain on the outside considering it is called Sparkler, however it is what’s inside that counts.

2014-10-23 21.26.59Inside, Sparkler is a gorgeous red colour that kind of reminds me of cinnamon – just me? – and it also has lots of gold glitter. The pattern the red and yellow makes is beautiful, I almost didn’t want to get in the bath and ruin it. This bomb took a long time to dissolve and when I got in the bath and the colours mixed together it turned a lovely pale orangey yellow. The scent was not as strong once the bomb had dissolved, I wish I had been able to smell it a bit more whilst I was relaxing in the bath, but that is not going to stop me from purchasing a few more of these. The only downside to using a sparkly bath bomb is this…

2014-10-23 22.06.38

… all of the glitter that is left in the bath afterwards. Don’t worry though it all rinsed out of the bath pretty easily, it is just a pain to have to do that after having a bath – oh well!

Sparkler is priced at £3.50 and available here.

2 thoughts on “Review | Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb

  1. I had no idea this smelled of rose! I saw it in the store and I didn’t even smell it because it looked like it would smell of vanilla – I have to buy it!! X


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