Haul | Lush Christmas Goodies #1


As I had run out of Lush Christmas products to review I thought I had better scoot on down to Lush a purchase some more. I went to the Lush Southampton store for change and the staff were lovely – it must be a Lush employee thing, every member of staff I talk to are so friendly. My fiancé treated me to these wonderful products – thank you Karl – and even snuck in a non-Christmas product in the form of Ickle Baby Bot. I decided to go for a mixture of bubble bars and bath bombs, because sometimes I do like to have a bubbly bath, and I also chose some products I had never tried before. Here is what I chose:

Top row: The Penguin Bubble Bar, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Middle Row: Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb, So White Bath Bomb, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Bottom Row: Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb, Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Golden Wonder is my fiancé’s favourite so of course that had to go in the basket. So White, Shoot for the Stars and Ickle Baby Bot are new to me, I cannot wait to see what they are like, whilst Candy Mountain and Magic Wand are old favourites. I am pretty sure Candy Mountain used to look similar to the Comforter and be called Candy Cane a few years ago and I am positive there was a bath bomb called Satsumo Santa one year that smelt remarkably similar to the Father Christmas bath bomb – anyone else remember this? If that is the case then I am pretty excited to pop him in the bath as I loved that bath bomb.

Whilst we were browsing the shop I had a quick smell of the Snowman Jelly. I had looked over this product when I was at the launch event in Portsmouth, but as soon as I smelt it I knew I just had to try it so promptly added it to my ever growing list of products to purchase next time.

Reviews of all these products will be going up once I have tried them all out – which I am sure will not take me long. The only thing left to decide is… which do I used first? If you have any suggestions or favourites, let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Haul | Lush Christmas Goodies #1

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