Review | Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


This is my fiancé’s favourite bath bomb from the Lush Christmas range – I probably should have asked him to write the review. Inside is a blend of Sweet Orange Oil and Lime Oil which gives Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb its refreshing citrus scent. The outside is covered in finally milled gold sparkles which look beautiful but inside is a real surprise.

2014-12-18 20.48.57

The main colour on the inside of this bath bomb is a beautiful teal colour. But the thing myself and my partner like most is the little spheres of colour that appear from the middle of this bath bomb – apparently it reminds him of a galaxy. Even though this is one of the larger bath bombs it is actually one of the quickest to dissolve once it hits the water. I also don’t find the scent lingers once it has dissolved. I am sure I will be asked to buy a few more of these before the Christmas period is over and I am quite happy to as it just looks so darn gorgeous in the bath.

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb retails for £3.75 and is available here.

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