Product Rave | Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm


This blog post has been a long time coming. I have been raving about this product to anyone who will listen for well over a year. I purchased it from the Brighton Space NK when they had the spend £150 get a free goodie bag on. I needed to spend another £9 so asked the ladies in the shop what they would recommend. One of them asked if I like lip balms and showed me this product. As soon as I tried it on my lips I knew I had to have it, so into my basket it went.

The Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm is an intense hydrating balm for dry or chapped lips. It has a lovely sweet honey smell and is quite thick in texture. The Nuxe website states that it tastes like grapefruit, but I can’t say I have really noticed much of a flavour but it certainly isn’t offensive in anyway – my fiancé hates the taste though, so it’s not one to wear if you are planning on kissing anyone.


I try to remember to apply this every night before I go to bed and when I do I wake up with lovely smooth hydrated lips. If I have forgotten to use it for a few days and my lips are feeling dry or chapped it only takes one use of this to get them back to normal which is incredible. A little goes a long way with this lip balm so the pot will last ages. As you can see I still have lots left in mine and I have been using it for over a year – I do have one as a back up though, just in case.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm retails for £9.50 and is available from, Space NK and other retailers.

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