2015 New Years Resolutions | Beauty


I thought I would set myself some beauty related New Years resolutions this year alongside some personal resolutions. I managed to get into the habit of following a proper skin care routine last year and my skin has really benefited from this – I now do it without thinking. So I was thinking about what else I could try and incorporate into my daily routine, here is what I came up with:

1. Use a body moisturiser at least every other day

I am not going to kid myself into thinking I can get into the habit of moisturising every day, but every other day seems achievable to me. Even though I have combination skin on my face, the skin on my body gets really dry and it would really benefit from regular moisturisation.

2. Use a body scrub at least twice a week

Like with body lotion, I am also really lazy when it comes to using a body scrub. I am hoping the combination of these two beauty resolutions will leave me with soft comfortable feeling skin.

3. Shop my stash before making new purchases

I am a beauty addict. There I said it. This means I have a ton of products stashed away that I don’t use. As myself and my fiancé are saving up to purchase our first house this year, I need to start saving money and also using up my stashed products so I don’t have to move them to our new house. So I am making a rule that I cannot purchase a product if I already have something similar in my collection.

I think three resolutions will be manageable for me to stick to and they are all kind of inter linked so it should make them easier to follow – here’s hoping anyway.

Do you have any beauty related New Years resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

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