Review | Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate

2016-02-04 22.02.44

I am going to start off by saying that I am not usually a fan of full coverage foundations. In the past, I have found them to be flat looking, cakey and not quite as full coverage as they claim to be. However, I just couldn’t help but purchase the Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate when the Marc Jacobs line landed at Harrods.

The Re(Marc)Able foundation claims to provide flawless full coverage that lasts 24 hours with a light weight oil free formula. The highly pigmented formula is infused with Marc Jacobs’ patented golden pigments which are encased in lecithin (an ingredient that is similar to skin) to provide a soft matte finish. It comes in a frosted glass bottle – which actually feels quite heavy compared to my other foundations – and under the lid is a “dot” applicator which you unscrew and use to dot the foundation onto your face. I do find this applicator slightly unhygienic, however I am willing to look past that as this foundation is just so good.

To find my correct match I looked at photographs online of swatches and read the descriptions of the shades on I chose Ivory 12 as it was the lightest shade with yellow undertones and looked to be a good match for my skin (I wear NC15-NC20 in MAC for reference). I would say that Ivory is nearer NC20 in MAC but it looks fine on me once blended into my skin and slightly down my neck. I have used both a Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush and the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush to apply the foundation and both worked well, I imagine this foundation would work well with a beauty blender for a sheerer coverage. Be aware that a little goes a long way with this foundation, I would recommend starting off with a few dots of foundation, blending it out and then adding more to achieve the coverage you require.

Top R-L - Before foundation, Foundation alone; Bottom R-L - Full face of makeup, After 6 hours wear and no touch ups

Top R-L – Before foundation, Foundation alone; Bottom R-L – Full face of makeup, After 6 hours wear and no touch ups

As you can see from the photographs above the foundation alone does a fantastic job at covering redness, evening out the skin tone and covering blemishes. One of my favourite things about this foundation is that it looks really natural on the skin, yes you can tell you are wearing makeup but it does not look cakey or flat, it provides more of a satin finish in my opinion. I did set the foundation with the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder but as you can see from the final photograph it has lasted really well on my skin without being touched up. I also found that the foundation did not oxidise throughout the day. I did get slightly shiny on my forehead and nose but no where near as much as usual, I also had not used my mattifying primer (Becca Ever Matte Priming Perfector) prior to applying the foundation. I have since tried the foundation again with a mattifying primer and at the end of the day there was only very minimal shine on my nose and forehead.

As you can probably tell, I love this foundation. It is definitely my new go to foundation when I want full coverage. In fact, I want to wear it all of the time as I just love the finish and the way it lasts on my skin. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate retails for £37 and is available here.

Review | Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder


I think I have finally found a powder that can keep my combination skin matte all day, the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder. I picked up this powder initially as it is yellow toned so it should be good for keeping redness at bay throughout the day, however I was presently surprised when I first used it that it also kept the shiny areas of my face looking matte too. I have tried many powders over the years to attempt and keep my t-zone shine free. I wanted something that I could use to set my makeup and then also use to touch up throughout the day without my skin looking cakey. The Soap & Glory powder is perfect for this job, it feels light weight on the skin and it does not look cakey when touched up later in the day.


Whilst the powder provides little coverage, the yellow pigments help to disguise any redness in the skin. This is ideal for me as my cheeks tend to have some redness in them. The powder suggests it is totally translucent, however I would not recommend this powder for darker skin tones as I feel it would leave an ashy look to the skin as I do not feel it is completely translucent.

Although the powder is pressed I want to highlight that when you dip your brush in the product it does pick up quite a bit of product so I would recommend tapping off the excess from your brush before applying it to your face. I prefer to apply this powder using a powder puff when I first apply my makeup and a duo fibre brush like the Duo Fibre Face Brush from Real Techniques to touch up or when I want a lighter application.

Overall I feel this is an excellent powder and what makes it even better is that it can be found at the drugstore.

The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder retails for £12 and is available here.

Review | Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso


The Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso is probably one of the most talked about affordable blushes in the beauty community, and for good reason. It is a gorgeous peachy blush that adds a beautiful glow to the cheeks. The glow it provides comes from very finally milled shimmer, as opposed to the chunkier glitter that some blushes have running through them . It applies smoothly and blends out easily with minimal effort. I usually use something like the Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 to apply it to the apples of my cheeks and blend it towards my hairline. As this blush is shimmery I don’t apply a highlight to my cheekbones, this highlights the cheeks nicely on its own.


This blush will suit a variety of skin tones and can be built up for a more intense colour, or sheered out for a more subtle look. I find I can wear Luminoso with almost any makeup look, it looks perfect paired with a bronzed goddess inspired look – this is my favourite way to wear it. A little goes a long way with this product so I can see it lasting me a long time. It is definitely a makeup staple for me, especially in the summer.

The Milani Baked Blushes come in a variety of different colours, so if a peachy blush is not your thing then there are plenty of other colours to choose from. I am eyeing up ones of the pink shades next.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso retails for £6 and is available here.


Review and Swatches | Marc Jacobs Beauty “The Lolita” Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Eyeshadow



Something exciting has happened, Marc Jacobs Beauty is now available in the UK online at Harrods – waves hands in the air and shout woohoo. I will have a review coming soon of my most recent Marc Jacobs Beauty purchase. However, todays post is about the very first Marc Jacobs Beauty product I ever purchased, the Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Eyeshadow in “The Lolita”.

As with “The Dreamer” (see my review here), the quality of the eyeshadows is fantastic, both the shimmers and mattes are pigmented, smooth and they all blend together beautifully.


I feel that this is a good basic eyeshadow palette as it is not too warm and it is not too cool. It has everything you need to create a more natural day time look or a smokey evening look. The dark brown works well as a more subtle eyeliner  and I just love the effect you get from applying the fifth shade all over the lid or in the inner corner, it has almost a duo chrome finish to it – the photo really does not do it justice. 

As I said before, these palettes are not cheap but they are well worth the money. The Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Eyeshadow palettes retail for £45 and are available here.

The Perfect Face Mask Combo | Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Out of Trouble Mask

2016-02-03 20.13.51

My skin has been so unhappy recently, I think I have had more blemishes in the past few months than I have had in my whole life, and not only that my skin is also quite dehydrated. I usually have combination oily skin, but I am finding now that my skin is mostly normal (except my oily nose) and dehydrated all over, even my previously oily areas are less oily. This has caused me to have a good look at my skincare routine. I expect I will write an up to date skincare routine soon once I finish tweaking it.

Since my skin has changed I have found I am reaching for a clay mask to deeply clean my skin (mainly my nose and chin) and a hydrating mask to rehydrate the rest of my face. Now usually I would have used these masks at separate times on separate days, however after having a facial recently where the beautician targeted different areas of my skin with different masks I have changed my face mask routine. I discovered I could either use both masks at the same time as the beautician did, or I could use one after the other. I find that clay masks leave my skin feeling a bit tight now, so using a hydrating mask afterwards really helps relieve that feeling.

The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a bright mint green clay mask that smells strongly of fresh mint. I personally love the scent, but it does feel like you are rubbing toothpaste all over your face. The mask feels smooth and cooling when you apply it to the face which is nice and relaxing. I usually only apply this mask to my t-zone as that is where I get the most oily and the most blemishes. It does a fantastic job of absorbing excess oil and reducing the occurrence of spots. I can say without a doubt it is one of the best clay masks I have ever used.

The Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Out of Trouble Mask is a creamy hydrating mask with a scent that reminds me of peaches. Like the Queen Helene mask it feels cooling when you apply it to the face and it also feels quite soothing on the skin. It provides an instant  – well not quite instant – shot of hydration to the skin and I find that it stops my skin feeling quite so tight. Even though I have an oily nose and oily-ish chin and forehead I still apply this mask to my t-zone as my skin is also dehydrated in those areas.

The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Out of Trouble Mask are the perfect products to help deeply clean and hydrate the skin. The Queen Helene retails for approximately £4 and is available here, and the Origins retails for £23 and is available here.