Autumn Lip Pencils | MAC Absolutely It Pro Longer Lip Pencil and MAC Vino Lip Pencil

This autumn I am really enjoying bold plum and berry toned lips, however when I looked in my collection for a lip liner to go with these colours I realised I did not have any, so I started browsing the internet for lip pencils that I thought could be used with a variety of lipsticks. I finally settled on MAC Vino Lip Pencil and MAC Absolutely It Pro Longwear Lip Pencil.



MAC Vino Lip Pencil is described as an “intense violet-purple”. It is a cool toned burgundy purple and can be a little dry on the lips. However when it is worn under a lipstick it is not noticeable. It is quite a hard pencil which makes it easy to line the lips and to get a nice shape around the cupids bow. I have worn this lip liner with MAC Plumful and it was perfect.


MAC Absolutely It Pro Longwear Lip Pencil is lighter in colour than Vino and is described as a “soft burgundy”. It is a light burgundy rose and you will notice in the swatch below that it has a slight golden sheen to it, which looks lovely when it is blended all over the lips. The Pro Longer Lip Pencils feel less drying ,in my opinion, and because of this I have found myself wearing this on its own a few times.




I am really pleased with my new autumnal lip pencils especially Absolutely It as I feel this is the most versatile of the two. I am on the look out for more purse friendly options at the moment and I have my eye on some Jordana ones from

MAC Vino Lip Pencil retails for £12.50 and MAC Absolutely It Pro Longwear Lip Pencil retails for £15 and are available from