Review | Lush The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar


How cute is this lil’ guy! I absolutely love penguins so buying this was a no brainer for me. Lush The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar smells beautifully fresh. It is filled with Orange Flower Absolute, Bergamot Oil and Sicilian Lemon Oil which will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised after using it. I remember using this last year and liking it so I was excited to use it again.

2014-12-01 20.52.03

2014-12-01 20.53.35

As you can see the bubble bar turns the water sky blue so the bubbles kind of look like clouds – or is that just me? The scent didn’t last for the whole bath but the bubbles did as usual, though I was left feeling refreshed after using it.

I enjoyed using The Christmas Penguin bubble bar but personally I liked the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar better (check out my review here), so I don’t think I will be repurchasing it. However, I do think this would make a great gift or stocking filler as it is cute and you can get around three baths from it.

Lush The Christmas Penguin retails for £3.25 and is available here.

Review | Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Travel Brush Set



When I saw this Travel Brush Set at the Bobbi Brown counter I knew it had to be mine. Then Debenhams had their spend £50 get £7.50 worth of points deal on and it fell into my basket! Up until this point I had only tried one brush from Bobbi Brown and that was her Eye Blender Brush and I was seriously impressed with the quality.

The brushes come in a beautiful mock croc clutch style case which is very sleek so would easily fit in your hand luggage or main luggage. Once you open it up there are two suede pockets for the brushes to slip in to. This is the only thing that I am not as keen on about the packaging. I will explain why. If you are travelling you don’t necessarily want to be cleaning your brushes every day and personally I would want to keep my brushes in the case the whole time I am away. So this means all of the makeup will transfer onto the suede – not good. So to combat this I have slipped some kitchen roll into the pockets then the makeup will transfer on to that instead of the suede – problem solved.

This set comes with seven brushes – one is double ended so eight really – that range from face brushes to eye brushes. You can create a whole face look with the brushes included in the set which is what really sold it for me. It comes with the Eye Liner, Eye Blender/Concealer, Eye Shadow, Ultra Fine Eye Liner, Sheer Powder, Face Blender and Eye Brow brushes. Each brush is the perfect size for travel without being so small they are impossible to use.



Bobbi Brown Brush SetEye Liner – I have not tried this for eye liner yet but what I have been using it for is to place shadow along my lower lash line. It is the perfect size for this and you can turn it on its side to blend the shadow out slightly.

Eye Blender/Concealer – having already tried the Eye Blender I knew this was perfect for putting colour into the crease and blending it all out. The Concealer brush is great for spot concealing or concealing larger areas of the face. You could even apply cream eyeshadow with this brush.

Eye Shadow – this brush is fluffier than I am used to using for eyeshadow but it is great for packing colour all over the lid and can also be used to blend it out as it is fluffier than a normal shader brush (e.g. MAC 239).

Ultra Fine Eye Liner – I have only used a really thin eye liner brush (e.g. MAC 210) or an angled brush (e.g. Sigma E65) for applying gel eyeliner in the past, but I am seriously impressed with this brush. It is perfect for creating a really thin line along the upper lash line and it helps get the liner right into the roots of the lashes.

Sheer Powder – this is a really multi tasker. I have been using this for powder, highlighter, contour, blush and it works equally well for all of these tasks. It is not a soft as my Hakuhodo brush but it still feels lovely on the skin.

Face Blender –  I saw Tanya Burr using this in one of her videos and was interested to try a brush like this for foundation. I have really enjoyed using this for my foundation and I find it blends product into the skin nicely and you can get a sheer or full coverage using this brush.

Eye Brow – when I saw this brush I thought it would be the one I wouldn’t use. The hairs are quite coarse and it it quite thick, not like a normal angled brush. However I love this brush for filling in my brows. I have naturally thick brows so do not really need to do much to them so this is perfect for me. However, if you need to or like to fill your brows in more then this is probably not the brush for you.

Overall I am so pleased with this brush set and will probably use it when I am at home as well as travelling as the brushes are great quality and I just love them. I think this would make an excellent Christmas present for a girl who travels a lot, or for a girl who is looking to expand her brush collection. It is on the pricey side but essentially you get eight brushes for £89 – so just over £11 a brush.

Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set retails for £89 is available from, Debenhams, John Lewis and other retailers. It is currently on sale for £80.10.

Review | Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar


Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is definitely one to use after a long day at work. Filled with fragrant Ylang Ylang Oil and Jasmine Absolute this bubble bar will relax your muscles and calm your mind. It also has the added benefit of Irish Moss Powder to soften the skin – perfect for sore and dry feet. I also find Christmas Eve is great for when you have had trouble sleeping and you want to be able to drift off easily into a restful and restorative sleep.

2014-11-29 20.22.17

2014-11-29 20.24.12

I will say now though, this bubble bar is highly fragranced. It is probably the strongest smelling one I have tried to date. Don’t let this put you off though as it means the fragrance lasts for the whole bath – and will even leave your bathroom smelling lovely once you have finished. Once you have crumbled Christmas Eve under running water it turns the bath a soothing light blue and produces lots of bubbles, like all of Lush’s bubble bars do. I used about a third of the bar and it was enough to fill my whole bath.

I will definitely be repurchasing this bubble bar as it really helps me to relax and unwind after a long day and helps me to drift off to sleep easily.

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar retails for £2.95 and is available here.

Review | Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb


As I was looking up the scent of this bath bomb – because I am terrible at describing scents – I found out that this has the same scent as Snow Fairymind blown. In my post where I hauled this product I mentioned I thought it was like an old bath bomb called Satsumo Santa, well I was completely wrong. After some research I found out that Satsumo Santa was citrus scented – clearly I didn’t remember it all that well.

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb looks like it is going to turn your bath red right, wrong, it turns it a festive green colour which was a nice surprise. I can’t say I could smell the Snow Fairy scent but it did smell lovely. Again the smell didn’t last once it had dissolved but I have come to the conclusion that it is not supposed to.

2014-11-18 20.49.48

I am not sure what else I can say about this product, I enjoyed using it but I wasn’t wow’ed by it so I probably won’t be purchasing it again. There are other bath bombs I like better unfortunately.

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb retails for £3.50 and is available here.


Review | Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar


Probably the sweetest smelling Christmas product from Lush, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is an old favourite of mine. I remember a few Christmases ago this was named Candy Cane Bubble Bar and it looked similar to the comforter. It also shares its scent with Rock Star Soap and Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, so you can get your candy fix all year round.

The Lush website says it contains Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, but I am not sure that is what I can smell. It is a lot sweeter, more like candy floss or something similar. The scent also lasts for the entire time you are in the bath and I can even smell it on my skin once I am out – especially when I have used a good chunk of the bar.

2014-11-16 20.53.30

One of the things I love about Lush bubble bars is that the bubbles last a really long time. It really bugs me if I run a lovely bath full of bubbles that disappear after 2 minutes in the bath. These bubbles last until I have finished in the bath – about an hour if I’m lucky – and they even linger in the bath once the water has gone. I am sure Lush adds magic powder or something to them to make them last this long.

Just the tip of the Candy Mountain is enough to fill a bath with enough bubbles for me so I am thinking I will get at least 3 baths out of this bubble bar, which makes it good value for money. I guess it will depend on how much you use though. As you can see it doesn’t really turn the water pink like you think it would, and the sheen you can see on the bubble bar doesn’t transfer as glitter in the bath.

I am sure I will be purchasing a few more of these bubble bars before the Christmas period is over along with Cinders Bath Bomb – which I previously reviewed here.

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar retails for £2.95 and is available here.