Review | Jaclyn Hill for Gerard Cosmetics


Jaclyn Hill is probably one of my favourite people on YouTube. She comes across as down to earth and really knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. When she announced she was working with Gerard Cosmetics to create a lip gloss (Rose Hill) I was immediately intrigued. Later when she announced three more products (Butter Cream, 1995 and Buttercup) I knew at some point I would have to try them as from her videos you get the feeling she would not put her name to something that isn’t good. I kept waiting for a good deal to come up on the website and on Black Friday it appeared. I managed to get hold of all four of her products for $39 including free shipping to the UK. When they arrived I was blown away by the quality of these products and they have pretty quickly become favourites. The swatches on my arm give the best idea of the colours on my skin tone.


L-R: Butter Cream Lip gloss, Rose Hill Lip gloss, 1995 Lipstick, Buttercup Lipstick

Jaclyn Hill Lip Products

Top: Butter Cream Lip gloss, Rose Hill Lip gloss; Bottom: 1995 Lipstick, Creamcup Lipstick

Butter Cream Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss is a highly pigmented creamy pinky nude that just screams Jaclyn Hill. It applies smoothly to the lips and is very opaque. It looks beautiful on its own and equally as beautiful over the top of other lipsticks, especially Buttercup. The texture is not sticky but it still wears well on the lips.

Rose Hill Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss is again a highly pigmented lip gloss in a bright rose pink shade that really brightens up the face when it is worn with simple natural makeup but also looks good if you are rocking a heavier look too. I have not tried layering this over any other lipsticks but I am sure it would work well like this too.

1995 Lipstick is was really on trend last year and that will be carrying on through to this year too. It is a very “Kylie Jenner” warm matte brown colour that looks great with a grungy smokey eye. The matte texture is not drying on the lips and feels lovely and creamy to apply.

Creamcup Lipstick is similar in shade to Butter Cream Lip Gloss just a little less opaque and obviously less glossy. It almost reminds me of the texture of the MAC creamsheens where it is creamy yet not glossy looking on the lips. It feels lovely and moisturising and it is a perfect pink nude that can be applied easily on the go without the need for a mirror.

Overall I am super impressed with these lip products and I would definitely recommend them. I would love to try some of the other colours in the range and I might put in another order later in the year.

Butter Cream Lip Gloss and Rose Hill Lip Gloss retail for $24 each and are available here.

1995 Lipstick and Creamcup Lipstick retail for $19 each and are available here.

At the time of posting Gerard Cosmetics are offering four products for $39 (including the Jaclyn Hill Collection) with $9.50 shipping to the UK here.