Review | Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


This is my fiancé’s favourite bath bomb from the Lush Christmas range – I probably should have asked him to write the review. Inside is a blend of Sweet Orange Oil and Lime Oil which gives Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb its refreshing citrus scent. The outside is covered in finally milled gold sparkles which look beautiful but inside is a real surprise.

2014-12-18 20.48.57

The main colour on the inside of this bath bomb is a beautiful teal colour. But the thing myself and my partner like most is the little spheres of colour that appear from the middle of this bath bomb – apparently it reminds him of a galaxy. Even though this is one of the larger bath bombs it is actually one of the quickest to dissolve once it hits the water. I also don’t find the scent lingers once it has dissolved. I am sure I will be asked to buy a few more of these before the Christmas period is over and I am quite happy to as it just looks so darn gorgeous in the bath.

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb retails for £3.75 and is available here.

Review | Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar


Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar was a favourite of mine from last year. The main reason being that it lasts forever. You can get at least 8 baths out of this product – depending on how much you use each time of course. I remember last year there was also a rocket shaped reusable bubble bar for the boys and it was a shame they did not bring that back as my fiancé loved it. This bubble bar shares the same scent as Snow Fairy, although to me it smells less sweet and is not a strong which is great if you find Snow Fairy too overpowering.

You use this slightly differently to a regular bubble bar. All you need to do is swish it through the water or hold it under a running tap to fill your bath with bubbles. I find holding it under the tap works best.

2014-12-12 20.13.45

It turns the bath a pale baby pink and creates lot of bubbles – though not quite as many as a regular bubble bar I find. After I have run this under the tap and made as many bubbles as I want I leave it sitting in the lid of a Lush tin until it is dry and then pop it in a zip lock food bag – which I reuse lots of times – until I want to use it again. I find this stops it getting too messy and it means I do not have to use it every night if I don’t want to. I probably won’t repurchase this bar this Christmas as this one will last me such a long time. I would definitely recommend giving this a go if you have not tried it before. I also think would make a great Christmas present.

Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar retails for £5.25 and is available here.

Review | Lush So White Bath Bomb


I have never been a fan of the smell of Lush So White Bath Bomb, but because I wanted to review all of the Christmas bath products this year I added it to my basket. I didn’t hold out much hope that I would like it as I found the scent quite strong and quite frankly it looked boring. Well I was so wrong about this product.

So White is an apple scented bath bomb infused with Orange Flower Absolute, Bergamot Oil, Rose Absolute and Neroli Oil. The scent is refreshing and uplifting, yet quite relaxing at the same time. Because I had never used this product I was unsure what it would do once it was in the bath, so I was curious to find out.

2014-12-09 20.31.09

Once So White hits the water it starts frothing and leaving pink and white trails in the bath – I was expecting it to be green! As this bath bomb is so big it takes a while for it to completely dissolve and once it does the bath is left a lovely shade of pink – think snow fairy but a bit more subtle. The scent lingers and provides a calming atmosphere whilst you soak in the tub.

Considering I had never tried this before and assumed I would not like it, I am completely converted. I love this bath bomb and will be purchasing a couple more before they all disappear. It may not be the one that immediately catches your eye when you look at all of the Christmas goodies Lush has to offer but I recommend giving it a go. This is definitely a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Lush So White Bath Bomb retails for £3.50 and is available here.

Review | Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb


Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb is another product from Lush that I have used before. It shares the same sweet scent as Honey I Washed the Kids Soap which is one of my favourites from Lush. Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil blend beautifully together to create an uplifting and refreshing scent, but it feels quite relaxing at the same time, if that makes sense. But the best bit is what this bath bomb does once it hits the water.

2014-12-02 20.15.07

2014-12-02 20.18.57

2014-12-02 20.43.02

How beautiful does this make the bath look. Once the colours mix together the bath looks just like a night sky full of shooting stars. I had forgotten how good this bath bomb is – it is just so pretty. Despite how pretty it looks I was concerned I would have to scrub the bath to within an inch of its life after using this bomb, but I was pleasantly surprised. All that was left when I got out was a faint blue line around the bath where the water had been that came off really easily – thank goodness.

Next time I am passing a Lush store I am going to grab a couple more of these before they are discontinued for another year – I wish these were permanent.

Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb retails for £3.50 and is available here.

Wish List #2 | December 2014 Christmas Wish List

December Wish List

I have combined this month wish list with my Christmas Wish List as I thought that the products I am lusting after this month are the things I have put on my Christmas List.

1. NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

Every time I browse the Space NK website I keep coming back to the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette. The palette contains Laguna Bronzing Powder, Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush, Deep Throat Blush, Sex Fantasy Blush and Final Cut Blush. I already have two Laguna Bronzers in other palettes but I just want this palette. I don’t know why as I have lots of blushes already, I think it is the fact it’s limited edition so I know if I don’t get it now then I won’t be able to. The blush colours look beautiful and the highlighter looks lovely too. The NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette retails for £45 and is available here.

2. Lush Rudolph

When I went to the Lush Christmas Product Launch I saw this gift set and I knew it was the one I wanted this year before I had even seen what was inside – I was sold on the knot wrap alone. Inside is the Snowman Jelly, Yog Nog Soap, Dashing Santa Bath Bomb and Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. I have tried the two bath bombs before but not the soap or the shower jelly so I hoping Santa brings me this so I can try them. Lush Rudolph retails for £19.50 and is available here.

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater

I have heard a lot about this brand from American beauty bloggers and decided to browse their products to see what I wanted to try first. I have been really enjoying hydrating facial sprays recently so this product really appealed to me. It claims to lightly refresh, hydrate and relive dry and tight skin. I love the smell of rose products so this sounds perfect. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater retails for £11.95 and is available here.

4. Sarah Chapman Morning Facial

Sarah Chapman is a much talked about brand at the moment so I was excited when I received some of her products in various Space NK gift with purchases. So far I have really enjoyed all of the products I have tried and I now have my eyes on her Morning Facial. Claiming to hydrate, boost radiance and and plump fine lines this product sounds like it would be perfect for my morning skin care routine. I know it is pricey but I believe in spending a bit more money on a serum and saving on other steps of my routine. Sarah Chapman Morning Facial retails for £45 and is available here.

5. Laura Mercier La Petite Pâtisserie Soufflè Body Crème Collection

Last Christmas I got a couple of sets of Laura Mercier body products in the sales and I have fallen in love with them. This set just looks beautiful, you get six body crèmes in the following scents, Ambre Vanillé, Almond Coconut Milk, Crème Brûlée, Fresh Fig, Crème de Pistache and Tarte au Citron – don’t they all just sound delicious. I already love the scent of the first three so I am looking forward to trying the other scents if I find this under my tree this year.

6. Forever Puff Ovo

Whilst read and watching various beauty bloggers I have learnt that it is better to press your setting powder into your skin in order to keep your foundation locked in place. I heard about the Forever Puff from Glam Life Guru aka Tati and thought that it looked like a good quality powder puff, not like the cheap ones you can get from drug stores. Each one has a foam on the inside and a velour outside and can be cleaned in the washing machine so they are good as new again. They come in a variety of different sizes from compact size to body size. Forever Puff Ovo retails for $12.99 and is available here.

Obviously Christmas is not just about receiving and giving presents, I love spending time with my family and friends and I am wishing for them all to be happy and healthy, but this is a beauty blog after all!

What are you wishing for most this Christmas. Let me know in the comments below.