Review | Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner


When I ran out of my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack I decided it was time to try something different. I had seen the Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner in Perversion – longest product name ever – on and decided to give it a go after reading great reviews. It arrived and I swatched it on my hand whilst taking photographs for this blog post and I was impressed. It was pigmented, super black, creamy, easy to apply and seemed to dry pretty quickly.



However, when I applied it along my upper lash line it took ages to dry and then throughout the day it transferred into my crease – not the look I was going for. I thought maybe it was a one off, as some days my eyelids can be oiler than others, so I persevered with it. But every time I applied it, no matter what primer or shadow I used, it did the same thing. Thats when I decided to set it with a black eye shadow, not ideal when you are in a rush but I thought I would give it a go. This helped some what, but the liner still transferred a small amount into my crease. I was left feeling disappointed. I am going to continue using this product at is was quite a bit of money, but I will probably only use it on days I am filming or when I am only wearing makeup for a short time, and I will definitely set it with eye shadow.

It could just be that my eyelids are too oily for this product as it has received great reviews on other blogs, but for me, I will be going back to my trusty MAC Fluidline.

Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner in Perversion retails for £16 and is available from, and Debenhams.

Review and Comparison | Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

I am a member of a couple of beauty related groups on Facebook and I kept seeing posts about a website called Cohorted where you can get makeup at a reduced price as you are buying as part of a group. I thought I would have a quick browse and saw they had the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette as one of the deals so I snapped it up. I am already a fan of all the Naked palettes and I was hoping that this one would be no different. I have included comparisons with the first Naked Basics palette for those of you who may one want to purchase one of them.


The eyeshadows come packaged in the same size palette as the first Naked Basics. I love the packaging as it is sturdy and the perfect size for travelling or popping in your makeup bag on the go.


As with the first palette there are 6 shades, 1 satin and 5 matte, which range from light to dark. The satin shade is quite subtle so if you prefer matte shadows and the satin shade is putting you off this palette I wouldn’t worry too much as when it is on the lid it just adds a nice glow.


Skimp is a light beige satin shade that makes a perfect highlight and inner corner highlight. It adds just the right amount of glow to lift a look.

Stark is a matte warm toned pinky beige.

Frisk is a matte neutral toned light taupe brown.I cannot decide if this leans more cool or warm toned.

Cover is a matte warm toned almost muted milk chocolate brown.

Primal is a matte medium neutral toned brown. As with Frisk I cannot decide if this leans more cool or warm toned.

Undone is a matte neutral toned charcoal grey/brown.


Everything I have read on beauty sites prior to ordering this palette suggested that it contained more cool toned eyeshadows but as you can see from the picture above and the pictures below this isn’t the case. The first Naked Basics palette is obviously more warm toned than the new palette, however I would not go as far as saying the new palette is completely cool toned.


Top: Naked Basics; Bottom: Naked Basics 2


Top: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint, Crave; Bottom: Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone

I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this palette. I like to keep either this or the first Naked Basics in easy reach so I always have some matte shadows to use with my more shimmery palettes. If you are wondering weather you need both palettes then I don’t think both are necessary, however if you are a neutral palette junkie like me then I would say to pick this up.

The Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette retails for £22 and is available from and a number of other retailers.

Review and swatches | Soap & Glory The Perfect Ten Palette


Whilst browsing through the Boots Christmas gift guide I stumbled across a new eyeshadow palette from Soap & Glory called The Perfect Ten. I already enjoy using the What’s Nude palette so decided to pick this up. It was included in the 3 for 2 on gifts and went towards earning me extra Boots points from their £12 worth of points on a £50 spend promotion.

The eyeshadows come packaged in a cardboard palette which includes a small double ended brush and a pretty decent mirror. The brush is ok, it is nothing special and it would be difficult to use to create an elaborate look, however it may come in handy if you were going away for the night and wanted to pack light.


As the name suggests there are ten eyeshadows in the palette, 3 matte and 7 shimmery/satin, that range from a light cream to a shimmery black and include cool and warm toned colours. I was disappointed that there isn’t a light brown matte colour but after using the palette I don’t mind this so much, read on to find out why.

Close up

Vanilla is a matte cream with great pigmentation and it is perfect for the brow bone and inner corner for a more subtle highlight. This shade is available in the What’s Nude palette.

Minky is a rose gold shimmery shade with silver glitters that has a little bit of fall out when applied due to the chunkier glitter. This shade is available in the Off the Wall Flowers palette.

Pink T is a muted pinky tan matte that is perfect for the crease. I think this works just as well as the light brown shade I was looking for in the palette. It is smooth and blends out shadows beautifully. This shade is available in the What’s Nude palette.

Aubersheen is a medium purply taupe satin shade with small purple sparkles that looks lovely all over the lid and blended out or in the outer corner to add some depth. I’ve called them sparkles because you can see the individual pieces of glitter but it is not chunky at all and does not cause any fall out.This shade is available in the What’s Nude palette.

Gold Coast is a pigmented yellow gold satin shade that reminds me of Urban Decays Half Baked.

Taupe Cat is a medium brown taupe satin shade with small gold sparkles that like Aubersheen looks lovely blended all over the lid.

Sunset is a coppery satin shade with gold glitters. This shade really makes blue eyes pop and is perfect for an autumn inspired eyeshadow look.

Brownie is a medium brown satin with small gold sparkles which makes it look almost bronze when swatched.

Black Gold is a matte charcoal grey which despite its name has no gold or warmth in it at all. This is great for deepening up a look or using as a subtle liner. This shade is available in the Smokey Dokey palette.

Smokin’ is a black shimmery shade with silver glitters. The glitters in this are not as chunky as those in Minky but they are definitely more visible than the sparkles in the other shades. This shade is available in the Smokey Dokey Palette.


With natural light – a truer representation of the colours


With ring light

I think this palette is great for those people who do not have many neutral shadows – or for those who cannot help themselves and have to try every neutral palette going. It has a good range of colours from light to dark and cool to warm and I like that they have included three matte colours. I was disappointed that I already had three of the colours in my What’s Nude palette, but even now I know this I would definitely still have purchased it as it is a great palette at a great price.

Here is a look I created using the palette.


Close up eye look

I used Pink T in the crease as my transition colour, Minky on the inner half and Taupe Cat on the outer half of my lid, Black Gold in the outer corner and Gold Coast and Brownie on the lower lash line. I lined my upper lash line using Urban Decay Demolition Liquid Liner and added two coats of Benefit They’re Real Mascara. On my lips I am wearing a combination of MAC Draw Me Close lip pencil, MAC Hue lipstick and Laura Mercier Baby Doll gloss.

Soap & Glory The Perfect Ten palette is priced at £16 and is available from It is limited edition so grab it while you can and it is still in the Boots 3 for 2 promotion.

Wish List #1 | November 2014

I thought I would start a new series of blog posts today, showing you the six beauty products I am lusting after the most each month. I like to make a note of the products I want to try so I can look out for them going on sale or special offer and this also means I don’t forget what I want to try. Lets look at what is on my November wish list.


Nov Wish List


1. GHD Rose Gold Air Hairdryer

The hairdryer I am using at the moment is ok but it is quite big and bulky due to having a long nozzle – is that the correct term – and this causes it to be clumsy and heavy. I have been searching around for a new one for a while and when I stumbled across the GHD Air Hairdryer on I thought it is just what I am looking for even though she mentions it is a tad heavy. I popped over to the GHD website and saw they had a limited edition rose gold edition, that is when it jumped straight to the top of my wish list. The GHD Air Hairdryer retails for £99.

2. Clarins Instant Concealer in 01

Another blogger enabled product is the Instant Concealer from Clarins. I first saw this on – I love her blog by the way, she is great  – and thought it sounded like something I was missing in my collection. I have trouble with concealer creasing under my eyes as I have a line under each one, and I also have a problem with my eye area looking dry so my concealer does’t sink in very well. I would encourage you to read her post on the concealer for a more in depth review but basically it is supposed to reflect light to help hide dark circles, moisturise the eye area and blend flawlessly into the skin – sold! The Clarins Instant Concealer retails for £21.

3. Urban Decay Super Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner in Perversion

I recently ran out of my MAC Fluidline in Backtrack so have been on the hunt for something new to try. After looking on various beauty websites I decided the Urban Decay offering was the one to add to my list as it claims to be super pigmented and waterproof whilst also being easy to use. I’m holding out for as long as possible to purchase this as I do have another MAC Fluidline in Blitz n Glitz on the go that I want to use up first. You can now purchase Urban Decay products from as well as all the usual stockists. The Urban Decay Cream Eyeliner retails for £16.

4. Bite Beauty Mix N’ Mingle Set

I have only tried three products from Bite Beauty (Agave Lip Mask, Luminous Crème Lipstick and High Pigment Pencil) but I love all three of them. I also love the concept behind the company. They focus on creating good quality products that contain natural and organic ingredients. I came across the Mix N’ Mingle set whilst browsing the site. The set includes 5 Luminous Crème Lipstick Duos, 3 Matte Crème Lip Crayons and 2 Lush Fruit Lip Glosses all in deluxe mini size. There looks to be a great range of colours and finishes in the set. This would make an excellent gift for any lip product lover. The Bite Beauty Mix N’ Mingle set retails for $98 (approximately £65).

5. NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Callisto

I think I first heard about these on the website and at first I wasn’t really interested in them as I don’t usually purchase single eyeshadows. But when I saw Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles raving about them I thought that maybe I should have a closer look. I looked at swatches of the 12 colours and immediately fell in love with Callisto which NARS describes as an “icy pink silver”, however from what I can see from swatches it looks more like a pale shimmery taupe. NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows retail for £21.

6. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

I have been using the same pair of cheap tweezers that I got in a manicure type set for years, so I feel it is about time I invest in a decent pair that might make it easier to pluck my eyebrows. The good thing about investing in a pair of Tweezerman Tweezers is that you can get them sharpened for free (except the cost of postage to the USA), therefore once I have purchased them I shouldn’t have to buy another pair of tweezers again – in theory that is. I love that they come in a variety of different colours but this could cause a problem when it comes to deciding which ones I am going to buy! Tweezerman Slant Tweezers retail for £20.50.

Is there anything you are lusting after? Let me know in the comments below.