Product Rave | Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette


Wet ‘n’ Wild is not a brand that is easily obtainable in the UK and this is such a shame as the brand gets a lot of great reviews from American bloggers. I found some of their products whilst browsing the beauty section of a while ago and took the plunge and purchased the Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette.

As you can see it has six lovely neutral colours and then two pops of colour. All of the Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes have the shadows labeled either Browbone, Crease and Definer but personally I wouldn’t use the silver/taupe on my brow bone. You can use these colours anywhere you like though.


Left side swatched top to bottom


Right side swatched top to bottom

The pigmentation of these shadows is fantastic. The only one that is a little disappointing is the dark brown on the right hand side, but apart from that they are buttery and smooth to apply. All eight shadows are either shimmer or satin in texture so unfortunately if you want to use a matte shadow you will need to use one from another palette – this doesn’t bother me too much though. The duo chrome blue in the bottom corner is a great dupe for MAC Club eyeshadow, in fact it has better pigmentation and colour in my opinion and looks great on its own all over the lid then blended out.

In this palette you get eight beautiful shadows for around £10 including postage from Amazon, and whilst I did pay more for this palette than I would have in a shop in America I still think this is great value for money. This is probably one of my favourite drugstore priced eyeshadow palettes and I will definitely be purchasing more when I can.

The Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette is available here for UK delivery.